Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Telgi bribery scam

Was just reading a story that has been in the news, on and off for some years now:
This scam is a national disgrace. A crook ran a scam using fake stamps, and this has been going on and on for a long time, enough for him to generate thousands of millions of rupees. The interesting part of this was the amount of time it took for him to get caught. Eveybody agrees that this could not have been possible without the active complicity of the police and political class. The biggest problem with this investigation is that it is always there in the back of ones mind that a lot of the people involved will get away scot-free. For once, one hopes that the various people involved get prosecuted and convicted. This will go a long way in enforcing the rule of law in the country.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 10:23 AM