Monday, June 18, 2007

CBI lets off Quattrochi: Sloppy behaviour

This has to be deliberate, the consequences of a well-thought plan in the Congress leadership as to how devise a legal scheme to get 'Q', the man close to the Gandhi's, off the hook in the cases against him. The CBI has to file cases against him due to media pressure, but every measure is taken to weaken the case against him, and since the CBI reports into the Department of Personnel, this is all easily doable. Otherwise, how can this happen?

The order, which gave reasons for the Argentine lower court’s June 8 verdict, clearly indicated that India had to lose its case against Quattrocchi because it did not get "fresh arrest warrant" against him immediately after Delhi High Court’s February 2004 and May 2005 judgments.
The Argentine lower court’s remarks now raises a big question mark over the CBI’s seriousness to pursue the well-connected Italian fugitive. It now appears that had the agency been serious in its quest for Quattrocchi’s arrest, it would have got fresh arrest warrant against him as soon as getting the May, 2005 Delhi High Court order — if not the February, 2004 order. But the CBI did not do so and it proved to be a boon for the Bofors case prime accused in the Argentine court.

The CBI is the premier investigating agency of the Government, with massive resources at its disposal. In addition, the Government has the best of legal advice on its own side. It is impossible to believe that the Government did not know about the course of action. There has been deliberate delay on the part of the Government so as to get 'Q' off the hook.
What actually happened? After the judgment of the Delhi High Court, the CBI did not file an appeal, nor did they get a fresh arrest warrant issued. And when did they get a fresh warrant issued? 17 days after the detention in Argentina. And this is in addition to losing the case in Malaysia, and the shocking incident of the Government second highest legal officer going to London to get the funds of 'Q' unfrozen, even after Supreme Court disapproval. But then I guess when there is a higher court in the Congress, what matters?
I would think, that just like the actions of the Supreme Court in making the post of the Chief Vigilance Commissioner independent, and of trying to implement a policy of making the police independent of the political system, it is required that the CBI be also independent of the political poison that has killed its credibility. It required a judge sitting in Argentina, so far away, to slap India's premiere investigating agency, the Central Bungler of Ineptitude (CBI) on the face, by awarding legal fees against it, and by essentially telling it that it is sloppy. Mark the words, the Congress Government is like a insect that is boring into the country's criminal law system and turning it hollow.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 1:33 AM