Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Arjun SIngh faces problems - his comments backfire

In what was shocking news, there was an article in the newspaper about how Arjun Singh made some comments during the launch of a book in which bemoaned the lack of freedom in the party and how comments were not appreciated. Now, we all know this is shocking, not because this is not true, but because nobody in the Congress who wants to be a somebody would say something like this (the very lack of freedom in the Congress contributed to the quick downfall of anybody who made statements like these).
But Arjun Singh did not stop there, he continued in the same line, uttering things that could be easily refuted (such as having advised against the emergency, while most people would have known that he was such a careful person politically that he would not have opposed either Sanjay Gandhi or Indira Gandhi). In fact, he even failed to mention the name of Sonia or Rahul on this occasion, something that is a cardinal sin in the Congress.
And now that he has faced a backlash - even Congressmen who were somewhat close to him ran to make a distance between him and them; and at a function, Sonia Gandhi ignored him and praised the Prime Minister for an achievement that belonged to Arjun Singh's ministry. And this was an expected reaction, so it is a bit difficult to understand his outburst; it is not possible that he did not know the kind of reaction that it would achieve.
Now, he is trying to get back into the good books, by claiming that in fact, he had pledged loyalty to the family as far back as in 1960, but one wonders as to what his future is like. If he was angling to get in a better position at the time of the next election, then one can be pretty sure that this was not a goo way to do this.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 7:02 AM