Tuesday, June 10, 2008

UP MInister sacked for murder

One knows about the increased level of criminality in public life nowadays, especially when it comes to the increased nexus between politicians and criminals, and the increasing tendency of criminals (especially the musclemen variety) to try and enter the political life, so as to get a chance to 'serve the citizens of the country' !
One aspect of such a nexus is that politicians increasingly are unconcerned about the implications of their actions, and any repercussions such actions may have on them. Otherwise, how do you explain the strangeness of the act that the Uttar Pradesh minister was arrested for:

Sacked Uttar Pradesh Minister Jamuna Nishad was on Tuesday arrested by the police two days after he was charged with murder of a constable during a violent clash involving his supporters at a Maharajganj police station. Nishad was arrested while he was on his way to Chief Minister Mayawati's residence to attend a meeting.
Nishad, who was sacked by Mayawati on Sunday, was named in an FIR in connection with the killing of the constable during alleged firing by his supporters at Kotwali police station in Maharajganj. Nishad had denied his presence during the violence at the police station and also the charge that the shot was fired from his red-beaconed car.

Such things have been known to happen, and the harsh sentence handed out to the former Bihar MP Anand Mohan has not caused other politicians to resist from taking such actions. These actions need to be harshly prosecuted.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 11:33 AM