Friday, October 17, 2008

Indian Politicians campaign against the military operation by Sri Lankan Government

Indian MP's and MLA's are the major supporters of our sovereign rights. All it takes is for somebody outside the country to talk about how India should behave, and you can have an uproar (if Parliament is in session, then suspension of the zero hour and demands to give a proper response) with all the politicians trying their best to portray themselves as the sole defender of the honour and self-respect of the country. You also have the media getting into the game, with editorials bemoaning the tendency of others to try to tell us what to do, and that our politicians have led us into such a place whereby anybody can tell us what to do.
And now, when the situation in Sri Lanka, where a terrorist group (that killed a former Indian Prime Minister along with numerous Sri Lankan politicians and others) is on the verge of losing an armed struggle with the legally constituted Government of the country, you have Indian politicians trying their best to stop this action so that they can be seen as supporters of the rights of the Tamils:

All the seven DMK ministers in the UPA government are expected to submit their resignation letters to party leader and Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi on Friday to mount pressure on the Manmohan Singh regime to intervene in Sri Lanka. Simultaneously, Karunanidhi on Thursday announced a human chain protest in Chennai on October 21 to ask the Centre to act on an 'all-party' meeting's call that India take steps to halt the war in the island and despatch humanitarian assistance to Tamil civilians affected by the conflict.
"We will have no option but to quit if the Centre fails to take strong measures to stop the killing of our brethren in the island. We will have no hesitation in stepping down to show our solidarity with the beleaguered Tamil people," the minister said. He added that the DMK chief would forward the letters after watching the developments.

This is sheer hyprocrisy. All of the parties in Tamil Nadu know that the LTTE is a massively brutal terrorist organization that is only interested in its own welfare. It has not discriminated between Sri Lankan non-Tamil and Tamil politicians. It is noteworthy to remember that this is the same organization that had an active role to play in killing Indian soldiers during the IPKF operation, and its killing of Rajiv Gandhi (and 19 others in the same blast) should have always put it beyond the pale of Indian support.
The LTTE had even forced another elected leader of the Sri Lankan Tamil majority regions to run away by threatening him, it has single-mindedly pursued a policy of decimating all those who stand in its path from within the community. It had been criticized severely due to its policy of brain washing people to become suicide bombers, as well as forcing children to become soldiers. It also has never been a serious votary of genuine talks and negotiations, with an objective of getting more rights for the Tamils other than an independent homeland.
The Indian Government cannot advise the Sri Lankans to stop this military operation, they have been thirsting for the ending of this terrorist organization in their country; equivalent to how Indians would feel if there was a major chance of getting rid of the Lashkar e-Toiba and SIMI in India. Putting pressure on them only forces them to get the support of other nations and move away from India. Any suggestions we could give them would to be make sure that human rights are not affected, and people do not suffer during this campaign.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 8:29 PM