Friday, June 21, 2013

The rudeness shown in the Kent water purifier advertisement ..

I was shocked the first time I saw the advertisement; it takes the concept of safety to a paranoid level and showcases a very rude behavior. For those who have not seen the ad, it shows Hema Malini and girls in somebody's else house, being served tea (remember that tea is boiled, which means that the water is also boiled). Hema Malini asks about where the water was taken, and when she heard that the water was taken from the water purifier of another brand, she refused to take the tea. This would be so humiliating for the person doing the inviting, and the gesture seems so rude on behalf of Hema Malini that it seems odd that somebody from the product company approved this advertisement, and how Hema Malini actually did this advertisement.
The concept of this advertisement was that the purifier from other companies could remove part of the impurities, but not all of them, and it is only Kent that could remove every form of impurity. Seems very prim and proper, but the utter rudeness of the behavior in the advertisement put me off the product. And this could be a big problem, since although not everybody would feel the same way, there would be enough people who would not like the advertisement, and hence would not buy the product. This is a fundamental problem with advertising, knowing where to draw the line between trying to push the product and evoking a negative reaction from a potential consumer.
The other problem of course is that it is pushing consumers towards an era where they would like water to be 100% pure. You might be able to do this at home, but what about when you travel somewhere or go to some restaurant, or travel in a train, or are served tea / coffee / some refreshment at somebody's house. Not everybody uses filtered water, there might be people who are just using tap water which is certainly not going to be as clean or pure as water that comes from a highly efficient water cleaning system. Even the bottled water you get when you travel on a train will not be so pure; and when you make your body such that it only gets used to very pure water, it will not be able to digest water from elsewhere.
I realize that the company is in the business of selling products, and for that, it needs to do everything, but consumers need to have an overall realization of their health. For most people in middle age, they certainly did not grow up by filtering their water or even boiling it, what to talk about using reverse osmosis filtering mechanism, and everything seemed fine. We were not sicker than people are now, and so I wonder about this mania right now for ensuring that everything is super-clean. 

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 2:37 AM