Thursday, September 14, 2006

Maharashtra bomb blasts - the judgement

So the judgement is finally coming in. First the spectacle of the Memom family minus the main accused (Tiger Memom). The other Memom accused have been in jail for around 12 + years now, so there may be a strong chance that they will get minor additional sentences or a few of them may be convicted to time already served and let off. If this happens, it will give a negative signal. For example, if one of them gets convicted to 15 years in prison, he/she will walk out within 2 years. If however, they had convicted them in 1995 in a fast track trial, there would have been a much stronger depiction of the might of the law. There is a lot to be said about concluding trials much faster.
Inspite of all these delays, I think that I would veer around to saying better late than never. There have hardly been any major convictions in terrorist cases. The only news one gets from time to time is that this terrorist who was involved in this incident was either killed or arrested. The legal awarding of justice is something that citizens would really like to see. In that sense, the current trial and delivery of the judgement will atleast serve to depict that people involved in heinous crimes can and will be punished.
If only the other main folks, Dawood, Tiger Memom and sponsors in the Pakistani establishment were also apprehended and punished. If only...
One other news that everyone is waiting for is "What will happen to Sanjay Dutt" ? He was responsible for a crime, what does not seem to be clear is his level of comprehension as to what he was getting involved in. But of course, the law needs to take its own course. No matter how high and mighty you are, there is a consequence of ones actions that needs to be paid for.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 7:20 AM