Friday, August 17, 2007

The disaster over the case against 'Q'

It has been obvious for some time that Quattrochi is a favoured gentlemen in the current political dispensation, and even the orders of courts (including the Supreme Court) pale in front of the orders given by a higher court in the Congress party. For decades now, Quattrochi has been believed to be a favourite of the Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi led Congress party, and it is very easy to believe that this is true, given events of the past. The net result of all this is that the law ministry of the largest democracy of the world has been shown to be a biased agency, and the paramount investigating agency of the country, the CBI, has been shown to be a useless agency, totally subservient to the political dispensation, and then being mocked at by a foreign court in far away Argentina. The Argentinian Judge then declared that the case made by the CBI was very weak, basically labeling it as incompetent. And to top it all, the CBI was then kept in the dark by the law ministry as the appeal against the decision in the lower court was blocked. It would be funny to think of the CBI Director being kept in the dark, if it was not so shocking, and harbinger of the total moral bankruptcy of Manmohan Singh:

CBI director Vijay Shankar claimed yesterday that he had no idea whether an appeal had been filed or withdrawn in the Ottavio Quattrocchi extradition case in Argentina. He said this when asked by The Indian Express why the Government last week withdrew the appeal and, thus, allowed Quattrocchi to walk away.
On July 28, just over a fortnight before Quattrocchi flew home from Buenos Aires, the CBI filed a status report in the court of the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Delhi — the court where the Bofors case is being heard and Quattrocchi is listed as an absconding accused— that an appeal had already been filed.
That Argentine Public Prosecutor hired by the government in March to press for Quattrocchi’s extradition, Lilian Delgado, also confirmed to The Indian Express today that the Government had decided to withdraw the appeal. Speaking from Misiones, she said: “It is the Government of India which said no appeal should be filed in the Federal Court. I don’t know the reasons why the Government of India did it. The Government of India has to answer the question why it said no appeal should be filed. I was all ready for the Federal Court case.”

It is confirmed that it was the law ministry of the Government of India that essentially withdrew the case in the Argentinian court, and the CBI was left in the defense that it did not even know. This is the condition of the premier CBI. Maybe it is time to take it out of the control of the Government, at least out of the control of this corrupt Congress Government that has no scruples, and no sense of what is right and wrong. Or maybe Manmohan Singh has been told to lay off, in which case he is like any other politician hankering for power, and equally to be held in contempt.
However, this is not new. Earlier as well, the Government had sent a law officer to London to get the accounts of Quattrochi unfrozen, they did not have any valid reason for doing that, but just brazened it out; which is exactly what they are doing this time. And the oh so moral Left parties could not care less, this is a compromise they are making to keep the Government in power and their own influence intact.

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