Friday, September 29, 2006

Sealing case - What does the Govt do ?

Well, the Supreme Case came out with a judgement (again interim) today. They have not yet decided on the actual notifications, but I will go out on a limb and say that the Govt is in for some severe criticism when the notification issued by the Govt actually get decided.
The interim judgement is not something that is making the trading community happy. It is only the small shops providing convenient services that have been spared. Grocers, and others of similar nature have been spared subject to them getting registered. It is the bigger showrooms that have been spared for another month due to the festival season. It seems like the writing is on the wall, they need to plan to move out of the residential colonies where they have their disruptive presence and move to regular demarcated commercial locations. The Supreme Court is showing a humanitarian outlook towards the smaller traders, and being harsh towards the Govt.
The other interesting thing that has happened as a part of this issue is that the Court has told the Govt to lay off from the threatening utterances. The Govt has made a lot of noise that it is the sole law making body, that the Court has no role to play in all this, and if necessary they will amend the constitution to make sure that the court cannot do anything. So today the Court finally categorically re-asserted its authority and told the Govt that it cannot keep on trying to overide the orders of the Court. Further, any measure that the Govt takes should be first placed before the Court. These statements were on expected lines. I never thought that the Court will accept the statements by the Govt lying down.
Now what will the Govt do ? It cannot do anything other than to wait for the Court to decide on the notification and the law passed by Parliament. Now, the traders are finally articulating that the Govt is to blame for all this mess. Such an attitude of questioning wrong policies by the Govt or inaction will eventually lead to the betterment of the Govt functioning. It will eventually lead to a better situation where the Govt does what is right rather than decide its action based on vote bank politics or money contribution based.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 10:51 AM