Thursday, July 26, 2007

Political turmoil in Goa

Goa has become the latest state to show the classic symptoms of horse-trading. With a total assembly size of 40, it has always been susceptible to horse-trading; after all, with the past election resulting in the parties being separated by only around 4 seats, it is always on the cards that things would change and with the switch of just 3-4 people, the Government in power will totally change, and this is what has happened.
So, in the latest from there, the Congress led Government lost the support of an ally and its sole women member, and automatically the BJP led opposition is now all set to form the Government. This is not a positive trend. Such Governments are inherently unstable, and hence unable to have the focus on good administration. As long as elections are not threatened, the Government does not care for good policies, all they want is to ensure that legislators are kept in good humour, else they land up in situations similar to this one:

The 49-day-old state government was reduced to a minority when one of its allies and an Independent legislator withdrew support and a woman Congress MLA resigned from the Assembly on Wednesday.
The late night development reduced the government's strength to 18 MLAs in the 40-member Assembly. The BJP-led Opposition has 20 legislators.

The other problem with such situations is that individual legislators realize their true worth (highly inflated), and will stop at nothing less than a ministership and all the perks associated with those. If those are not possible, then they will want other posts that carry all the perks of a minister, including an offical vehicle, good official house, gunman, and so on.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 4:21 AM