Sunday, September 02, 2007

Man beaten to death by mob

We keep on reading about incidents like this. Maybe our law and order system has so broken down that people no longer believe that a thief will actually get sentenced, or maybe they will confident that they can administer quick justice, even if it leads to the death of a human being outside the judicial system. What makes it even more bad in this case is the fact that a policeman was there, but did not take a step to stop them. The case is simple, a thief was caught, and beaten up so badly that he died; and apparently a policeman was there who did not stop them. How long can this system go on with people being able to administer vigilante kind of justice:

MOGA: About one dozen persons, including some workers at a local gaushala, lynched a suspected thief on Friday evening in Moga. The suspected thief Mohinder Singh was allegedly beaten to death even as a policeman looked on.
Though the deceased kept begging for mercy, claiming that he had simply been looking for his lost cow, frantic guashala workers tied him up with an iron chain in the gaushala and gave him a severe thrashing leading to
his death. Though a police constable reached the gaushala immediately after Mohinder was nabbed by the workers, he used no force or showed any resistance to save the deceased.

This kind of summary illegal justice in incredibly dangerous. A mob knows no truth, and any kind of problems can be there in this approach. An innocent can be easily caught in this kind of brutality, and people can even misuse such occasions to take out their personal enmity against somebody else. The police have to take action, else they are equally guilty.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 4:30 AM