Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Left and the Nuclear Deal

This is getting to be a comedy. The Left has defined the relationship between itself and the UPA in terms of marriage, divorce, separation, issue based support, and so on. It is just as well that they have not gone more personal and intimate in describing the relationship :-). That would have been unbearable to read about.
So, read the latest comments from the central group of the Left parties:

The Left parties put brakes on the controversial Indo-US nuclear deal by warning the government of ‘serious consequences’ of operationalising it, but stopped short of withdrawing support to the UPA coalition.
Turning up the heat on the government, the CPM Politburo passed a resolution describing the deal as ‘unacceptable’ and demanding that the government should not proceed further on it by commencing negotiations with the UN nuclear watchdog IAEA for safeguards which would bind India in perpetuity.
Karat summed up the Left stand in these words: "So, we are saying don't proceed (with the deal), discuss the matter, take into account all the objections and concerns and then we can take a decision."

Total bollocks, is what one can say. The Left Government in West Bengal seems almost divorced from the stand of the centre, it after all wants to attract investment by US companies, and going all out against the US Government is not what it would want.
Essentially, the Left is against a closer interaction with the US, exactly the same as the patron saint of the Left, the Chinese Government would want. There is not much scope for a Non Aligned Movement now, yet the Left would maybe welcome closer ties with such tinpot dictatorships such as Cuba, Iran and Venezuela (whose main stand is also opposition to the US).
The position before the deal was such that India was running short of nuclear technology and fuel, and under the current regime, since India was not willing to sign the NPT as a non-nuclear weapons state, it would not have got any support. It is okay to protest against such a regime, but it would have done no good. So, both the BJP and the Congress, having been in power and not hypocrites such as the Left, realized that such a deal was necessary, and overall, the deal seems to be fine for India. It surely would not have got everything it wanted, and overall, seems to be in a decent state. There are no restrictions on the military development, except for the condition of doing a test, on which it is unreasonable to expect that states will stand by and not have conditions.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 11:01 AM