Saturday, November 17, 2007

High Court slams West Bengal on Nandigram police action in March 14, 2007

At a time when there is widespread condemnation of the going-ons in Nandigram over the last few days, there is a High Court direction to the West Bengal Government over the police firing on March 14th. That police firing was a widely condemned incident, and led to shockwaves through the country. The Left Front of course does not approve of anybody condemning any action of theirs, and so it was then. The Left Front claimed that this action was necessary to ensure the rule of law (sounds very familiar to the current series of incidents where the CPM sent in its goons to take control of the Nandigram area back to the hands of the CPM); and that is a normal policy of the Left. They claim to be conscience keepers of the nation, and are always ready to criticize the actions of others, but are totally unwilling to tolerate anybody else commenting on things they may have done.
In the incident of March 14th, a judicial line was breached that has not been breached before. Normally a CBI enquiry has to happen with the consent of the State Government, but in this case, the High Court ordered the CBI to start an enquiry; there was no way that the CPM would have ever agreed to such an enquiry (such enquiries only happen in other states and with other parties). Now, the High Court has given a further direction to the CBI for investigation and also ordered the State Government to pay compensation for an unjustifiable police action:

KOLKATA: The Calcutta High Court on Friday directed the CBI to continue the inquiry into March 14 Nandigram police firing and violence and submit a report within a month.
The court also said the state government should give compensation package to those killed, injured, raped and molested at Nandigram on March 14. It said that a compensation of no less than Rs 10 lakh be given to the next of kin of those killed, not less than Rs 5 lakh for those injured, not less than Rs eight lakh for those raped and not less than Rs two lakh for those molested.

It is pretty common knowledge that the Left Front and specifically the CPM regard West Bengal as their property, their area and do not brook any kind of opposition to them. They are liable to use arms against areas more sympathetic to the Trinamool Congress and the Congress. And the Congress is so beholden to the Left that it will not take any stand against the Left, or raise their voice against any such injustice.

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