Saturday, September 30, 2006

7/11 Mumbai blasts - Police update

Well, looks like it will be the police department of a Congress ruled state that will question the Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Singh's recent peace initiative. The Mumbai police commissioner has today declared that Pakistan's ISI is the brain behind the July 11 train blasts. One can assume that if the police commissioner has called a press conference and announced this, there will certainly be more than a grain of truth in this annoucement. The next logical statement to make in this regard is that since the army is the ruler in Pakistan and the ISI will certainly not do any such planning without the approval of the army, Mr. Musharaff is directly implicated in planning the bomb blasts that killed so many of our fellow Indian citizens. We constantly keep on hearing that we need to keep engaged with him since there is no alternative. How long do we continue to keep engaged with a dictator who engages with theocratic elements and takes no action against them, who has laid down his arms against the Taliban, who has connived in keeping anti-woman laws in place, who is directly responsible for the deaths and injuries to countless Indian citizens ?
Till when do we keep on doing such behaviour. We have almost given Pakistan a good citizen behaviour by agreeing that it is the victim of terror. In effect, with the Havana agreement, Pakistan is being asked to monitor its own supported terror networks. It is like forgiving a mafia don because one of his men turned against him and he is suffering because of that. The last major time the world agreed to do something like this, the example was a resounding disaster. Neville Chamberlain agreed to what Hitler wanted (maybe because he was the ruler of Germany and they had to keep him engaged).
There is a change happening nowadays. Slowly we are accepting that these two nations, burn in blood and hatred can never be friends. We need to calibrate our policies in such a way that Pakistan keeps on feeling pain if it continues on its terrorist path.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 10:48 AM