Sunday, October 01, 2006

Infrastructure of Delhi ???

This evening has been a fairly interesting evening !! I had to go to a neighbour's wedding in the night. I live in East Delhi, and the wedding was in Gurgaon, so could not be further. But one has to do what one has to do, so got the family in the car and left at 8 PM. I would never have though that this was Sunday night. At around 10 PM (after 2 hours of bumper to bumper driving), I had reached next to Qutab Minar (so one can say that we were at the starting point of MG Road). My legs were aching due to constant switching of clutch, gear and brake. At this point, we did a quick consultation, and realized that there was no way we would reach the wedding before 11:30 if this kind of traffic continued. So, quick decision, we did a U-turn and headed home.
Picked up something to eat in CP (a nice restaurant called Banana Leaf) and reached home. Wonders of wonders, the electricity was at such low voltage that only CFL's could work, tube lights refused to work, and so did most of the appliances. After around 30 minutes of this, the low power went off totally and am now posting this due to the inverter helping out. And the power situation in Delhi remains bad as ever.
So set me to wondering, the Govt seems to have priority over whether to reserve, whether to seal, whether to allow export of iron ore, whether to set up SEZ's, etc. Where is the basic question of infrastructure ? Some time back the Govt was asked by the High Court to explain the power situation, and the Delhi Govt essentially told the court that people have to grin and bear it. They apparently did not estimate that power need will go up so much. I wonder how more defective the Govt can be, when it is not able to estimate basic necessities and provide for these. It will allow free power to farmers so that they can wreck the water table, but will not allow state electricity boards to become solvent and clear up their accounts. And it will certainly not care that you (industry, farmers, consumers) have enough power for your needs.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 12:01 PM