Thursday, October 05, 2006

Parliament blast case ?

One never thought that such a day would be seen. After a thorough judicial review, the death sentence on Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist Afzal has been confirmed and suddenly all sorts of people are emerging from the woodwork to give numerous justifications about why this sentencing should not be carried out.
Some demonstrations in the valley can be understandable, after all, the Kashmir valley does have a fair amount of Jaish supporters and it would be perfectly understandable if they protest his death sentence. Further, human rights organizations that are against the death penalty will continue to protest, and this is part of their ideology. However, what strains the credibility is when the Congress Chief Minister of the state repeats the same refrain. Has the man truly taken leave of his senses ?
As a result of this, the Congress is now in a dither. They must have been advised that it is a hot issue for Muslims and they would fear that not doing so would cause a loss of vote bank. Do these 'responsible' people really understand what they are saying. In one brush, they are trying to confirm an erroneous belief that muslims would get worked up over this issue. Do they not realize that the vast majority of muslims are as patriotic as anybody else and might not get worked up over the impending execution of a terrorist who was the accomplice in the killing of so many people ? And of course, the left, with no ideology of its own, has also jumped into the save 'Afzal' campaign.
Where has the Congress lost its thinkers who used to take it down the right track. Now it seems to have bankrupt advisors. It will be a sad day for the country if the Ministry of Home / President issue an order for mercy / commutation of the sentence.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 12:13 PM