Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bombay blast cases - Flip flop

I was reading the following news article that talks about a statement by the National Security Advisor casting doubts on whether Pakistan was involved in the Bombay blasts. I am sure that the learned Mr. M.K.Narayanan has more info on whether Pakistan was involved.
What I do know is that such flip-flops and going back and forth by people in high positions weakens India's case and makes it more difficult for such accusations to be taken seriously in the future. First we had the Bombay Police Comissioner declaring that the Bombay police have evidence that Pakistan was behind it, and then we have the NSA waffling over whether we have correct hard evidence or not. This at a time when we keep on hearing that this case will be the first test of the monitoring arrangement that our honorable PM and Pakistan's President had signed.
How many will be willing to bet that this statement will be seized upon by Pakistan's PR department to launch a defence (ironically based on a statement by India's NSA). We already had the PM declare earlier that Pakistan is not a culprit, but a victim. This turn of events warrants caution. Maybe the PM and his circle of advisors are getting bad advice. They do know how such things are seen in terms of public opinion, so not sure what caused them to go off in this direction. And there is no point in trying to make the point again about Pakistan trying to forment trouble and terrorism in India; this is a point that has been made and proved many times.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 10:39 AM