Thursday, October 12, 2006

What is the left upto ?

What is the Indian left (primarily the CPM) upto? Do they think that Indian citizens are stupid ? When one reasonably expects Indian political parties to atleast support Indian policies, the left somehow does things that make it seem as if it is a trojan horse in Indian politics.

If it was not for the chief minister of Bengal, it seems like the entire left has smoked dope and is having policies that seem totally devoid of logic. It is only when they are in a position of having to do something for people that they get realistic.

The left never tires of promoting Chinese interests in India; when security agencies are a bit leery of Chinese investments (especially because the bigger Chinese companies are not independent but have strong links with the Govt) in some sectors, the CMP sees red and fulimnates against these concerns. When Indian goes nuclear, the red protests and screams, but when Iran and North Korea show nuclear interests, it is well within their rights, and of course, it is all America's fault. When our Finance Minister points out some of the strong investor friendly policies of China and implores them to learn from their cousins, the left has the argument that it is permissible in China because it is a worker's paradise and hence anything can be done there.

If the left were not a major crutch for the Govt, everybody would ignore it. However, the left really cannot do anything much to rock the boat since the only alternative is the BJP, which is something the left will really not want.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 10:54 AM