Friday, October 06, 2006

Jessica Lal Case - An update

This is good, it may not have too much of an impact on the status of the current case proceedings where the court is starting to actually do an investigation of how the police + Govt had gone about prosecuting the previous case (maybe this will help pull out some of the people who had connived to weaken the case previously).
Let me state the update that I was talking about. The main news of the day for the case is the following news entry:
Manu Sharma's father has resigned! from the Haryana Cabinet. Of course the way it would have actually developed is that there would have been enough pressure on the Congress leadership about how his continuing in power could be bad for the party. And all this could be in this case directly credited to the sting operation that was undertaken by Tehelka. So there are some advantages of all the sting operations that get carried out :-)
Let us talk about the Congress now. There has been no change in the situation in the last 1 day where Mr. Vendor Sharma suddenly felt guilty and decided to resign. And there would have been no sudden conscience attack in the Congress that it realized that he should not be in Govt when he has been accused of subverting witnesses. The most likely reason is that there is increasing public and media outrage over his being in such an important position and it is this outrage that forced the Congress to head to damage control mode. Well, anyhow he went, it is good.
What we need is an independent police force that will not feel influenced by politicians and will also be able to give witnesses protection and the conviction that nobody can mess around with them. In addition, there needs to be an effort to enforce perjury laws so that no witness can easily turn hostile. The good part is that in a recent case (I forget which one), there has been a call to prosecute those witnesses who resiled from their testimony. This of course needs to be reinforced with provisions so that witnesses do not feel compelled to change their testimony based on threats. One example worth emulating is the American FBI and other federal services that take threats to witnesses very seriously.

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posted by Ashish Agarwal @ 9:29 AM